Creative Web Content Converting Visitors Into Customers

.20 seconds is all you have to grab your visitor’s attention

In only 10 words or less, you need tell your prospect exactly who you are and why you are the go-to person. This is VERY hard to do. But not only do have to jump this hurdle, you need for them to stay with outstanding content.
We live in a content driven world. It must be informative, persuasive, and useful. The days of selling your business are over. You now have to engage the visitor and convince them you are the person they need. This is done by expertise expressed in your content.
You must have very precise plan to accomplish this task.

Grab Attention

Your visitor is coming to you, not you going to them, so you must answer their question quickly or they are gone. Grabbing attention means your headlines have to answer their question and show you are their answer.

Drive Traffic

You should know your visitor VERY well to drive traffic to your site. Intense and relentless research is needed to drive the traffic you need to justify your existence on the web. Your reader is your marketer, so only one potential customer can change your whole marketing campaign.

Increase Conversions

Whether it is a lead generation or product campaign, your goal is conversions. Every email you receive or question asked is a potential sale. If you are using an Adwords campaign or relying on good SEO to get you on the front pages in Google, you must have great online web content.